Does he want me back?

I think my ex wants me back (he compliments me still, likes my Pictures, want so meet up but then cancels)
how can i figure it out?
How do men act if they want the ex back?
by the way our break up was weird it's kinda like unfinished Business between us..


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  • I think he still has feelings for you. But in any case, he has doubts If he wants to get back with you. Otherwise he wouldn't cancel your appointments all the time.
    The question you have to ask yourself is: do I want or need a guy that is doubting? A guy that doesn't know for sure he needs me?
    Think about it. Think about you and what you want for your future.


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  • "want so meet up but then cancels" <---- maybe he has some important business, s oas a result he cancels...

    oh but i guess yeah he does :-)

    • i also think he cancels bc he is "afraid" of seing me again
      he doesn't know how to act infront of me.. he don't want to be soft? What do you think?

    • maybe but... why don't you ask him the reason he cances?

  • Do you like him? or want him back?

    • yeah i still like him..

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    • I am really sorry for being late my fault. But make sure i will help you till this problem gets done.. for info. i am really 14. and you are 22 so. The way of thinking is diffrent so maby i will be unusefull but maby i will help you

    • Method 5
      comment on him.. for example. you look nice today or nice new t-shirt or nice glasses. If it sound impossible then give me some of info about you like your shy or not or his personalty. to help you for better situations or to understand the problem more

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