Whys he avoiding me?

hey guys
so this guy i like is acting suuuper strange. on ichat he's a totally different person, but in school he doesn't say anyttthhinng to me except a few words and he makes it obvious that he's ignoring me. in English class i was sitting in the desk near his and he literally saw me and sat in the empty desk that was on the other side of the class when there were around 3-4 empty desks near/behind me. this has happened on more than 1 occasion by the way. on ichat he talks so much and he asks questions and I don't know i feel like he's a different person. whys he avoiding me?


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  • He could be a really really shy person, but honestly it sounds like he dosent want to be wit you physically only emotionally 😷

  • I don't think he is truly avoid you. Unfortunately, we live in a society that every communicates via social media, cell phone, Facebook... etc... And this your generation. I see it often in my job that younger kids just do not like to talk unless it it through technology. So my guess is he is very shy and has no idea how to approach you without being nervous.

    • why would he be nervous though? he comes up to my best friend a lot but he makes it look like he's purposely trying to ignore me.

    • Because some people have trouble with confrontation. They are scared of rejection, scared of the "what ifs", scare of what other people say...

      Also, I would suggest if you want to know why is acting that way... ask him in person. I am learning the only way to know what a person is thinking is to ask them personally. No one knows what that person is thinking besides him.

    • Alright! Thanks!

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