Should I have said something in this situation and why wouldn't my guy friend have said anything?

This guy friend and I were working on some class work in his dorm building on some computers. This guy that my guy friend knew, I guess they are sorta friends came into the room. This guy was asking me if I was going to have a happy spring break then what he started to say got a little weird. I think he was mostly teasing, but I'm not sure. He told my guy friend that he should take me home with him. My guy friend jokingly asked if I would, then that guy asked what we would do there. My friend said the movies. After that my friend went back to working on the computer. That guy then said that my guy friend should take me to the movies after finishing our work. My guy friend was silent. Then that guy said I should spend the night in my friends room since he doesn't have a roommate. I didn't really say anything. I think that guy had the wrong idea about me and my friend. I know about 3 months ago that this guy had figured out that I had liked my guy friend, but he knew we were just classmates and nothing more. I don't why he was saying the stuff he did. I don't get why my guy friend didn't tell him we are only friends.


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  • He may like you. Maybe he thinks the other guy friend is a jerk. He just didn't shout at him in front of you because he doesn't want you to see him like that.

    Maybe the other guy is an intimidating person.

    Since you get on with your friend, he seems to be a better person that the other guy anyhow.

    Could you help with mine please? Need an opinion pls:

    • I see. Thank you! I'll try to help you with yours.

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    • Anytime, will check it out thanks!

    • Thanks, I'm responding to your opinion now... look forward to hearing more of your advice on the thread! A most interesting viewpoint!

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  • he may like you..

    • Interesting... Which guy are you talking about?

    • your friend. b/c he didn't say anything. he might have been waiting for you to say something.

    • Oh, okay. Thank you.

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