Is it bad that he lies about things that he thinks will bother me if he told me the truth? Does everyone do this?

I swear he told me he one thing... Then later on into the relationship he's telling me another.
One huge thing being his condom use in past relationships. He could tell I was shocked he went to have sex with me without one. Then later when I asked it turns out he wasn't always using them. Also lying about how often he partied. Who knows what else. (And also, we had protected sex)


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  • a little white lie is one thing but consistent lies shows that he doesn't like or can't deal with conflict which is a natural part of relationships. you can't simply lie any time the truth may result in a little conflict, it shows that you are unwilling to deal with potential issues

    • This is a great point. I will mention this because there will be conflict as its just a natural part of relationships, between anyone really

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  • Unfortunately, it's the norm. Guys are non confrontational and will avoid telling you something or try to lie about if they don't see anything wrong with it, but want to avoid an overreaction on your part.


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  • Sounds like he just doesn't want you to judge him. I'd tell him that you need to be told the truth, regardless of whether they think it would hurt you. You're in a relationship with him and deserve to know

  • if it spares someone's feelings yep but usually when that knowledge hurts her or both of us

    • I can understand this. But at the same time the damage is great...

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    • What about behaviour in previous relationships that would impact on yours (eg he always cheats on his girlfriends)?

    • @Wizbit who knows. finding stuff out like that can ruin any potential you had since that was someone else and not you. just gotta do your part

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