Does he like me or just playing?

So there is this guy who came to my school 3 years ago, yet none of us where interested in each other, he was dating a girl who was my classmate and friend since we were kids (we're not close friends) and i was busy with some other guys.
But this year everything changed, they broke up even though they still cuddle on the couch at school. He started talking to me in class nicely, about my future and the college I'd like to go to, etc...
Even my friends started noticing that he's always staring at me in class.
But a week ago, his ex friend noticed and even when he's hugging her or sitting next to her he looks at me, she tries to keep his eyes away of me but he looks again, it's so weird. He''s starting getting bad grades, and even the teachers noticed that he's not concentrated in class and he's not looking at the board, just at me. telling him that his head is in the clouds or why is he sad
Do you think he likes me? Because he doesn't talk much to me. He once asked me if i was ok cz my tummy was hurting me but we don't really talk like b4 he started staring at me. Thank you guys xxx
P. S: She's always wearing revelant clothes, i don't, i wear baggy clothes, or shirts long enough to not show the shape of my booty like she does. and i always tie my hair.


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  • Sounds like he does like you, but with his current "relationship" with your friend or ex friend or what ever I'd say you're better off staying away. No point getting in the way, especially when it sounds like your friend still has feelings for him

    • Thank you, but they broke up and she told me that like 2 times without me even asking her, as if she wanted to make it clear, but if he looks at me while he's with her it means he doesn't have feeling for her anymore right?

    • Normally, you're right. If he's looking at you all the time then you'd think he wasn't interested in her. But with him constantly sitting with her/hugging her there's a lot of speculation. Plus her not wanting him to look at you.
      Doesn't sound like a good situation to get in to

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