Does he like me?

There's these popular guys and last year I liked one of them till he got a girlfriend and so on, let's call him A. A week ago I sent a friend request to his friend, I'll call him B, who I like at the moment because he is really smart and shy as I've been told by my friend who knows him personally, unlike me. He accepted my friend request and after 10 minutes his other friend sent me a friend request (not A). This Saturday I was at this club and B was there too. When he was going outside he was staring at me. And them my friend and I were outside and he went outside with his friend and I saw him staring at me and he was kinda smiling. My friend said that she saw him staringat me all the time. I'm starting to think that maybe he likes me before, maybe I was always looking at his friend that I previously liked so I didn't notice him more? I remember I was walking down the street with my friends and they were too and A saw me and B. At the time I thought it was about A. Or maybe it wasn't about either of them? This winter we were going to this place where young kids sit around and there were B and two more friends and one of them (I don't know who said it) said to us "Hey wanna play with snowballs?" We didn't reply ofcourse. The next time we went to that place there was B and a few friends again and someone whistled at us (again I don't know who it was about nor whi whistled). I don't know what to think. Help please?


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