Suspicious or not?

It's about my friends boyfriend. Basically, his conversation with his friend was over heard. His friend called him because they were going to meet each other for something, and basically told him to walk a certain route to meet, because some girls were going to be there on that route. Both of these guys are taken and in long term commited relationships. Is this suspicious or not? Why would he tell the boy to walk a certain way to go past the girls? I mean I know we all look at hot people, but do people really go out of their way like this? Is it normal guy behavior? My friend is a little concerned.


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  • Sounds like he is cheating

    • OK they weren't girls these guys actually know though, they've just seen them around.

    • Its odd behavior

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  • Suspicious for sure. If not cheating (yet), certainly putting themselves out there.


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  • It could be nothing, but maybe they were just looking at them.. But I would still look into it before getting my friend flustered over nothings


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