Awkward good byes every time?


I currently work with this guy who I really like. Sometimes I think he may be interested sometimes I think he's not. Either way I don't make it obvious I like him because we work together.

Anyway, when we part ways is always awkward, as he always gives me a side awkward hug and a kiss on the cheek ( sometimes not) it's like we're both thinking if we should go for the hug or not moment, then you do go for the hug but its a little embarrassing and most of the time we "hug at a distance"

We laugh a lot and have good banter but

Im starting to be paranoid that he is not comfortable but at the same time there's no need for the side hug either.

Why would a simple goodbye be awkward?


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  • yeah sounds like you are both interested in eachother but are unsure if the other is or if you want to go for it since you work together. go out for coffee or something and bring up the subject

  • Do you have feelings for him basially?

    • Yes, I do have feelings for him. A little bit haha. Im trying to hide it though as I would never make a move because we work together. We had dinner alone before, there was some awkward moments too as it felt like we were on a date and I could defo feel tension. However, Im trying to figure out if the tension and awkwardness is because he's unconfortable ( he's feeling that I like him) or because he actually likes me too. hmmmmm

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