Why didn't he respond when I asked to hangout Friday?

So I had been snapchatting this guy. He asked me to hangout and I said yes. I happen to be in college and this guy lives in my hometown and hour away, so the only time I can hangout are weekends. The week he asked me to hangout was spring break so I was gone for the whole week and didn't get back until Friday night at 9. He asked me then If I wanted to go out for a car ride. I wanted to but said no. If it would have been any other Friday I would have but I was super tired from a 10hr car ride home plus I had to unpack and clean up and he lives 30 minutes away from me. I just said i was sorry and didn't want to go for the above reasons and that id like to hangout tomorrow or some other time. I also asked him if he would text me instead of using snapchats since it kind of gets annoying trying to communicate. I hadn't heard anything from him since then ( a few days ago) and today I asked him if he wanted to make plans to hangout Friday , and he hasn't responded. If I don't hear anything back from him by tonight ( since I sent it this morning) should I ask him about it again. I was thinking messaging him on Facebook, becuas that way I know when he there and that he will see it. What should I ask? I mean I don't want to seem weird but I think he at least owes me a yes or no, and no is fine, but let me know. Should I? And What's a nice way to ask?


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  • He did not want to.


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