What are his intentions? Why are men so hard to understand?

I used to date this guy 10 years ago. Due to circumstances, we took different paths, not because there was any problems with us. We never really stopped talking, and saw each other almost every year. Some years, we saw each other more than 3 times.
I had a small transfer to the city he was in for 6 months. During those 6 months we barely saw each other. When asked, he told me that it was due to his job, it was ridiculously busy. I later discovered he lived with another girl.
When I left the city he was in, I started to ignore him, as it was clear that he was in another relationship. After a couple of months after I left, he suddenly started texting me almost every day. Then I found out that he was still living with that other person, but had problems with her. He never told me that he was living with her, or even mentioned her to me. I found this out from other sources. He always blamed his work when I asked him why he ignored me when I was close to him, and now that Im far, he started to talk to me more often.
After I found out about the girl, I started to ignore him. He then all of the sudden, told me that he wanted to come to where I was, if I was going to be here. I told him to come, but he is still waiting for some permit to come (international travel). Its been 2 weeks since he mentioned he was planing to come, and have not hear anything from him. My question is, what is he thinking? What is he doing? What are his intentions? And why is he being so weird? Does he still love me? Does he want a booty call? What is it with him?


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  • He wants to hit it lol maybe it's been on his bucket list and now he sees the chance. If he wanted something more serious he would have done things differently


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