What do you think about his reaction?

so my ex and i broke up 3 months ago and i contacted him today i called him with his name and i vanished for 2 hours he answered with yesss and then he sent me question marks i did not reply for 2 hours \
andafter that i asked him about a book of mine that i left with his frnd and i wanted that book he said he will give it to me but he is traveling in 6 days but he can give it to me before why did he mention that he is traveling?
do you think he still cares about me?


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What Guys Said 1

  • He mentioned it to let you know that if you want the book you better get it before he leaves.

    • no he said he will get the book from my frnd and he will give it to me when he can

    • Well then he is letting you know that it has to be before he leaves or after he returns. In other words, if you need it soon then get it within 6 days. Otherwise you'll have to wait longer.

What Girls Said 1

  • He doesn't he's simply traveling... Just letting you know he won't be around in. Couple days.


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