Do you think he likes me?

So I catch public transport and there is a bunch of guys who catch it with me. Anyway, I noticed one of the guys was staring at me last year, I felt really uncomfortable but I ignored it because he was kinda hot. He keeps looking at me from time to time still. A few weeks ago, I was sitting doing my school work wearing a screen sports shirt. I heard him say, "The one in the green". Last week he sat behind me and I could hear him trying to make me look places by going "Oh! Look out there at that car, wow" etc. Today, he sat with his back to me to look over the back of the chairs to talk to his friends, I noticed he said something and looked back in my direction and all the guys looked. I dont know if he likes me or is making fun of me? I dont want to go up to him because I know nothing about him and it would be so weird. I do occasionally smile at him when I walk past him and all that 'Cute' stuff.
can anyone help?


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  • hahah I feel ya
    I'm in a very similar situation too haha
    I'm assuming he at least has interest in you maybe a occasional smile and see if he responds, if he smiles/ raises his eyebrows back etc its a good sign since he acknowledges you. if not then hmm either he's shy (I'm assuming not) or he thinks you're an eye candy
    but good luck and tell me how it goes or even if you wanna chat since that usually helps :)

    • I dont think im eye candy aha! Im suprised he's even noticed me with his looks! But we have this thing at my school called 'Socials' where an all boys school gets together with my school (An all girls school) and we have a party and people hook up. BEST THING IS THAT HE GOES TO ONE OF THE SCHOOLS THAT WE HAVE ONE WITH!!! Im so excited to meet him, I've already planned what Im going to say ahaha!!

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    • Exactly what I was thinking! Aha thanks, good luck with your guy too!

    • nice haha
      no worries :)
      hah thanks I'm gonna need it lol

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  • Yes he likes

  • He does not.

  • He most definitely could be interested in you haha. Give him more signs of interest. Smile at him more and what knot. Make your attraction known.

    • I WOULD AHA only problem is that he sits with a boy I know and if I make it too known that guy might tell a lot of people D:

    • Oh okay lol. Make it known, but only to the point where other people will not notice it but you and him.

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