Is he actually crushing on another girl or trying to make me jealous?

So I got all of these signals that this guy liked me, his friend even told me that he talks about me. His friend also seems pretty interested in me too. However, today, his friend told me that this guy likes another girl, and when I asked about her he seemed confused and didn't know who she was. He told me to listen to him because he's older, and to not listen to his friend. If it's true that he likes this other girl, then why do I keep getting signs he likes me? I believe that his friend is telling the truth, but could he be lying to me to make me jealous or to stop me from being interested in this guy? Could he maybe have seen that I was interested in his friend, so he wants to make me think he has another interest so that I like him instead? I just feel so hurt because I was really confident that he liked me.


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  • It could just be that his friend is lying because he wants you to like him. But really at this point whether or not someone's lying isn't really a big deal. Who cares about another girl, it's not like he's cheating you two are not together, just focus on getting to know him, his friend and other guys... It's still too early to get too attached.
    He probably does like you, but boys can be kinda sleazy especially when they're not in a relationship.


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