Is this dude interested? Texting habits?

I've noticed this really shy guy staring at me a lot, smiling and he'll often follow where I'm going and sit near me (on the days he's in) but we won't really talk in person. He also began liking my photos on Facebook so I thought I'd message him. I quite like him too but I figured it's best to take it slow for now. I said 'hey :)' and our conversation went from there. He sent long messages about his favourite TV show and bands but we fell asleep during the conversation and didn't continue it.
It was a week after, I decided to message him again saying 'hey :)' and he seemed alright, he asked me to listen to his favourite songs and I've tried getting into his style of music so we could have something in common. I'm actually liking it a lot now! I asked him how his weekend was but he didn't have a very good time. He didn't tell me what happened but I told him that even though we haven't spoken much, if he ever needed anything, please don't hesitate to ask :)
He seemed really appreciative about that but we haven't spoken since.
Everyone was saying that he's been crushing on me, do you reckon he might just be shy?
I'm nervous to message first again.
Also, how do shy guys normally act?


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  • Yes, he's shy. But he does also seem to like you.
    You might have to help him out a little with conversations. They aren't easy for us shy folk.
    How do shy guys react in what regaurds? Could you be a little more specific?

    • Like, if you do like a girl, what do shy guys normally do?
      Do they find it difficult to approach the girl even after having conversations online? :)

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    • Okay :) aw thank you
      We haven't actually spoken much in person, do you reckon he would mind if I probably spoke to him when I see him? We only see each other once a week. But do you think by doing that, he may be more confident in initiating conversations in person and online? :)

    • I think he'd probably appreciate you starting conversation. You might have to wait a little while before he becomes more confident though.
      Try talking about things he likes (such as the music he told you about)

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