BOYS: Why is he acting like this?

This guy and I have had a thing for a couple of weeks. He was the one who initiated contact - both in real life and texting - and he seemed really interested in me. But all of the sudden he stopped texting me, and we haven't texted each other for 3 weeks now. I still see him often at school, and I catch him looking at me a lot, and sometimes he smiles at me and other times he doesn't. Did he lose interest in me? If so, why does he still stare at me and often act like nothing is wrong?
There's a party on Friday which I know he's going to, and I was thinking about confronting him about it then.. Or should I text him now asking what his deal is?


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What Guys Said 1

  • You're not showing enough interest in him... that's why... call him.. text him.. show him you care.. best of luck


What Girls Said 1

  • Confront him at the party in a flirty way

    • I don't want him to think that he has me wrapped around his finger though

    • Well if you haven't spoken to him in 3 weeks that isn't having someone wrapped

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