How can I fix this with a Sensitive, Passive aggressive guy?

Me and this guy met on a dating site a while ago. We went out a few times and we really liked each other, he would call and text all the time. He mentioned a few times he's an emotional person. Some of the things that bother me is he only answers text questions he likes. Otherwise he will ignore me. I got annoyed about this and told him to lose my number. He quickly texted me back saying he was busy and I was rude. I felt bad said sorry and asked if he had forgiven me a few days later, he said yes. but he's busy with life right now. He blocked me on the dating site (which I never go on) but never unfriended me on FB

like what? I'm so confused


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  • You both need to walk away and move on.


What Girls Said 1

  • Dump him or just give him fellatio. Its a great way to start a relationship, trust me I've done it before69


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