Why would a shorter guy want a tall girl but have a problem with it?

Hi I dated this guy a year. we get along great but his height issue has made me want to take a break from him. I'm 6ft he's about 5.6 I think but he would always say we get along fantastically but would say he just can't stand my height, I even gave up wearing high heels. I did not say anything at first but its at the point that's he's really complaining that I'm an amazon and that other men are looking at me when I don't even know what's he talking about. I'm in no way generalising ok in case some of u are going to be sarcastic. but why would a shorter guy chase a tall women then complain about it? I know he's unhappy that I want a break from him but I think its for the best.


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  • He is insecure about his hight and lashing at you I'll admit I did this at one point to my friends but I wasn't over my height it was Tha fact that they were fun and everyone loved them and I was quite dull and boring unless I thought up a really good joke now I am to talkative and I think people think I'm annoying so may just go to be quit or not talk to those people anymore


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