Why would he tell me he has a new girlfriend days after we hooked up and I know he doesn't, is he trying to get a reaction out of me?

So we had a little fling and he is a lot older than me (no sex though)

He told me I'm amazing and really hot but thinks we are better as friends. I like him but I don't really want a relationship with him, so in a sense that's better.

Then he was still flirting with me after he told me "just friends"

He has big dinners at his home often. His friend invited me to the dinner and he told his friend I can come.

I asked him who is coming. His response "my new girlfriend"

He "dumped" me 5 days ago and I know his friends, he definitely does NOT have a new girlfriend.

Why would he say this, why is he trying to instigate me for? Why would he say "my new girlfriend", what kind of reaction does he want, is he trying to make me jealous?


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