Why would guys pretend to like a girl if they really aren't interested?

It's a straight forward question. I've had guys act like they are interested in me, and then drop of the face of the earth as soon as I start to like them back. I'm attractive, and have dozens of men confront me over time, but the ones that I'm attracted to are the ones who don't try hard. Is the chase really worth it when you aren't getting anything out of it, especially when you don't even let them know you like them back?


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  • this is a straight forward answer.. Guys aren't like that they dont like to pretend to like a girl if they dont like a girl they wouldn't be talking to her thats forsure.

    okay well to men this is what i think okay... yeah thats good that you point out you are attractive but to me i say you are a, try hard dont try to hard to get that attention because if you keep on texting them or whatever how you talk to them and trying to give them a hint that you like them its very obvious that you are, so dont over do it.

    You have to put some space there for yourself too if a guy that you like ask you, hey lets go out for dinner i bet you would said yes right so say no just say oh im busy im doing something else maybe next time and then thats how when they are thinking oh she's busy she's never busy when i ask her so just play mind games with who ever how many man you like I don't know but just be cool about it and dont over do it and asking them where they are or what there doing thats a no no even if your single and just dating thats to much so just dont over do it


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