Are there guys out there that are clingy?

It seems like the only time guys are clingy is when a girl won't give them the time of day. Are there guys that are clingy and actually want a clingy girl? (Clingy as in affectionate, likes to talk daily, likes to hang out 3-4 days a week, likes to say and do sweet stuff)


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  • I knew so many clingy buggers back in the day. oh my gosh 1 of my friends can't handle the thought of a girl leaving him and I keep telling him bruh you are the cause of your own downfall dumbshit, but stage 9 clingers can't see the truth.


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  • I like to talk and share about my day everyday with a gf. Kisses whenever we meet.

  • I am clingy.

    • Do you like clingy girls or do you tend to cling because the other person pulls away?

    • I've never assessed.

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