Is Guy into me confused?

Am really down and confused at present about a guy who I work with.

Up until a few weeks ago this guy who am good friends with did all the following things to me.
Pay me compliments about everything
Shouts over to my desk am his favourite
Stares at me, checks me out, always asking how my evening is what I been doing, emails to see if can go with me to work events at night, always looking at me nights out, says am not bad looking and such nice person, teases me all times, loves to see me smiling, turns round and always making sure am ok, nights out touching my shoulder bum etc lots, gets weird when say bout other men like changes subject or puts me off them

Then he changed and now only chats loads outside office, he will talk if go over but not always ask me much and seem kinda shy, makes more effort teasing older women round him and saying stuff but seems like wants to talk but don't.
If am upset though he gets so upset texting asking if ok and saying don't like u upset smile, if he knows am annoyed with him will keep asking me questions bout my life again like nervous, I don't get why his attention stopped bit, we always had silly banter but he hesitant sometimes, he got gf but had one ages.

Feel like I upset him but says fine and hates me upset please any advise I want opinions as hard as work with him and feel like I do so much for him buy him stuff but then ignores me sometimes, why is he like this?


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  • Something made him change and lost some interest. Maybe he is playing games and he could be a player. I don't think you did anything wrong. Sometimes people change and they act weird. I would give him space and ignore him for a while. Maybe he might come back to you.


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