Guys. What of the two would make you more comfortable/ uncomfortable to hear?

Being told by a girl youve known two years had some history with and are currently friends , but confused as to what's goong on, bc neither onevof you have communicated directly until now.

1 " I'm in love with and while im not against the idea of a relationship , I just want to be friends for now. I'm not exoecting you to wait for me."

2 " Im not sure about my feelings for you but I know I feel something, so Id like us to try being in a relationship."


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  • I'd rather hear 2. The first one sounds like somebody who isn't willing or ready to commit which sends red flags. The second one seems like the natural tendency of uncertainty so let's give it a shot. Much more normal.

    • yrah that makes sense... Unless you're a person who doesn't want a realtionship:)

    • I can only go by my own preferences. Somebody that isn't willing to commit is also probably not really willing to feel that strongly about a person so I would doubt their love as genuine. They might even believe it themselves on the surface, but my experience says a person that isn't willing to commit would never allow themselves to fall in love like that. The fear of commitment is an extension of doubt, which isn't there with real love.

    • Thanks thats insightful :)

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  • They are two contradicting statements, one says I want to be friends and the other says I want to be in a relationship...

    • It shows what you value or avoid.

      Well your answer would indicate wh which value more. The depth of someoene depth of someone's feeling for you , or the immediate gratification of a realtionship.

      Also indicates what would bother you more. Someoen being in love with you or someone wanting a relationship with you.

    • The answer is neither, it is someone playing indirect mind games with me...

  • Well the two mean COMPLETELY different things. The first means you don't want to be in a relationship with me, and the second means you do want to be in a relationship with me.

    If i wanted to be in a relationship with you, obviously i would want to hear the second one. But if i were you i would at something like "i have strong feelings for you, but I'm trying to straightened my emotions right now because of [fill in the blank], and i you do accept being in a relationship with me, I'm asking for you to be patient with my emotions" and add a smiley face to lighten it up a bit

  • i'd pick the 2nd!

    • Ok thanks. can I ask why you prefer it?

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    • But it doesn't require anything of you?

    • Id find it less stressful for soemeone to say they are in love with me , rather than saying they want to be with me.

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