How to make a guy that rejects your confession regret?

I want to make him. Look at me n say to himself. Oh how dumb i am.
For sure he is noticing me more after the confession. I want to make him thinks again about his decision.
Just tell ur experience with girls or ur opinion bout this.
I love this guy for a long time. N i ended everything after he said he only wanted to be a friend. I said no.
But i wanna make sure he pays for this. It hurts me to bits.
I know im the girl not in the same boat as u guys. Buy please help me in this 1.
Ok. Just tell me ur experience. Have u ever regret after rejecting love confession. Thats all.


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  • As someone who has both rejected and been rejected, don't make him hurt/regret it. He's his own person, and should 'like' who he likes. I've had dear, dear people who I thought I might be in love with reject me. It hurt so much, but I realized she was her own person, and if I really cared about her, I'd want what's best for her. If I'm not best for her, then that's too bad.

    I know it hurts. "Sucks" is an understatement. It's so painful when someone you care about doesn't care in the same way. I've had a girl not like me for 4 years, but she's her own person, and she can't help it if she doesn't like me. I really care about this girl, so I have to make her feel as guilt-free about the rejection as possible because she doesn't want to hurt me, so she doesn't deserve to be hurt.

    The closest I've ever come to regretting rejecting someone:
    There's one girl who liked me, and it wasn't mutual. She was always hanging around me, acting all shy, which was sort of cute (in the bunny rabbit way, not attractive way). She was kind of my type, but at the time, I had strong feelings for someone else. Eventually, she stopped TRYING to attract me/go out with me. She'd just be herself. When she would just be herself, I would see her, see how she acted, saw how she talked about/acted in ways I found attractive, and actually started having feelings for her! But by then it was too late. We're still friends though, and if I had to make the same decision again, I'd choose the same thing.

    • Choose same thing what? Choose to like her.

    • I'd choose not to date her, but reasons go beyond attraction. Long story short, I think staying just friends was the right decision. But I'm glad she didn't try to make me regret it; I already felt guilty for hurting her, and if she'd tried to make me regret it more, it would have jus shown me she wasn't a nice person and would have made me irritated/angry. Honestly, I would have regretted it less if she'd tried to make me regret it.

    • Gosh ur answer is the best. Thank u. Thank u. A lot.

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  • Guys aren't that stupid.(I know your experience probably says otherwise.) If he sees you trying to make him jealous it'll just reaffirm his decision. I'm sorry you got rejected. It sucks and it's embarrassing.(I would know it happens to me occasionally). But just try to move on. You won't find any happiness lingering on this guy any longer. Trying to make him feel bad won't make your own life any better. And later down the line you'll probably be ashamed that you did it.

  • so basically you said you wanted to date him. He said he only saw you as a friend?

    that sucks but try and get over it.

    • I dont ask for this question. I want to make him regret thats all. Not helping me.

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    • K i will be hotter then.

    • I know what it feels like by the way.. girl i was into decided outta the blue that she did not see us dating or being friends anymore so go out with other guys and try and forget this one

  • girls do it to guys all the time and dont do anything to the girl. if you do something to him for it honestly all the guys there might think you are crazy and wouldn't want to date you. sry if it is harsh but in my area that would happen.

    • I mean. In a subtle way. Like being prettier n all. I think u dont understand. Its not like i wanna go stab his chest in public n throw an acid in his face.

    • well it still would sound like you are being a b****. just try and get over it.

    • Ok i will try. Just i had been 2 years. N i can't get over it.. N it hurts me bad. U dont understand. Thank u by the way.

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  • You can't make him have feelings that aren't there to begin with. He rejected you, so move on.

    • Like its the easiest thing in this world

    • Of course it isn't. But you have to have the right mindset.

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