Girl giving me mixed signals?

I met this girl on Xbox live over a year ago nearly 2 years and recently within the past few months we've gotten really close, we still talk every day but now she doesn't seem interested?

She was giving me all the signs that she liked me by talking to me all the time trying to start a convo, always talking about me to our group of friends, being very flirty and always caring about how I feel, we always used to call each other "Bae" I know it's childish but it's our little thing :L

We met up for the first time about 3 weeks ago and when we first saw each other we hugged and talked non-stop until we parted ways, when we said goodbye to each other we hugged and she squeezed me like she didn't want to leave me :( I felt like we had a great connection and I really cared for her (I still do)

I didn't want to tell her I liked her because I didn't feel confident enough that she liked me back, I didn't want to ruin our relationship we had if I found out she didn't like me in that way. I feel like such an idiot and regret not saying anything because now she has completely turned off seeming interested in me :(

She has been ignoring me, barely even talking to me when we're in parties together, rarely ever calls me "Bae" anymore, I try and talk to her but she just doesn't seem interested in talking to me...

Is it because I didn't make a move? Or did I do something wrong? I'm really confused... Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • she might have been getting mixed signals, too.. maybe she decided to back off and give you some space. who knows, she could like you back. try and go for it anyways. the worst thing that could happen is that she says she's not interested, but if she does turn you down, make sure you make it clear that you still want to be friends and talk. she might think its embarrassing to keep talking and completely stop replying. so yes make sure you stay in contact!

    • I just realized I should have put this in the "Girl's behavior" section :S, and thank you for your answer, I'm kinda on the fence about telling her I have always liked her because I'm afraid of her reaction :/

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