What's up with dude? Did he pretend all this time?

Ok this situation right here I'm kind of embrassed to even talk about. So I been dealing with this dude for 22 months now. However the last 15 months he was incarcerated. I was there for him , sent him money , phone calls everything. Don't judge me I really believe the guy was worth it. We had history before he got locked up and I believed we was in love. Ok moving along I stop keeping in touch with him through out his time in jail for about 2 months because I had my own personal problems going on. I couldn't be his shoulder to lean on when I needed a shoulder of my own. We got back in touch hash everything out everything going smooth again (so I thought) anywho I get an unexpected phone call that he being released from Prision for me to come pick him up. I get up out my bed 4am to go get him , had new clothes , underclothes socks all thee above waiting for him. We spent time together until it was time for me to go to work I drop him off and haven't heard from him since !!! Like this man have never showed me no signs that he would wven treat me this way. I mean he didn't have nobody I mean nobody not family no one it was ME that helped him while he was in prison. Me that help him with everything why because I thought he was worth it and really thought we was in love , how can somebody pretend to love you all this time? Was this his plan along? I'm stress out over this I can't believe I was so stupid and mislead like this? What was his motive?


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  • He's a criminal right?

    • 😂😂😂😂😂 good response

  • Some people can do anything for money


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