Does he like me or am I imagining things?

I think my brain is playing tricks on me. He texted me out of the blue last night saying he was bored. We have a class together and sit at the same table but he's only ever texted me one other time and we talked all day, about everything (not just things on the surface, deeper things, and I love people that like to talk about that stuff) I was complaining about a test I had taken that was hard and he said "I'm sorry [my name]. People using my name in conversation makes me so happy I don't know why. The first time we talked he quit texting me that night and answered me in the morning, and said goodmorning after I answered him. Is he just being friendly?


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  • basically by the fact he used your name doesn't mean he likes you of course!

    • Yeah it just made me smile, I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me. Which is probably best, I don't think we could ever be a thing.

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