He always stares at me but we have never spoken?

So there is this really cute boy in my school and for 2 weeks i have seen him in the same place in the lunch hall and i sit on a table not to far away from his and he always seems to glance or even stare at me each time he would get a chance. This has been happening for a few weeks now. But i have never spoken to him. But i dont know if he likes me or just looks around.
Well i think he is a bit of a shy person but i always see him with his friends talking really loud and laughing. he's in a year above me so we have no classes together so i dont really know a lot about him


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  • He may like you. go talk to him and flirt! if he's shy then dont be sad if he doesn't seem interested he's prob just scared and you need to make him comfortable. I suggest talking not with his friends but alone and he will tell you if he wants you to go away. otherwise he's just scared. If he's outgoing and stuff then just go talk.

    • Im kind of scared to talk to him.. and he's always around his friends

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    • then go up to talk to him It should be fine.

    • Thank you so much, you really helped me think in a different way and it really helped so im gonna try to talk to him =) thanks

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  • Its hard to know how fells but you should talk to him.


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  • then why don't you try to speak to him? :-)


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