I don't see what I did wrong if he never liked me in the first place?

I had a massive crush on this guy who turned out to be a jerk. We went on a couple dates and on our last one we went on together he stood me up. I was waiting for two hours and then he never even called. He said he wasn't ready for a relationship but will tell me when he was. He ignored me at school and never talked or texted me. I got closer to a friend on mine meanwhile... He so happens to be his friend and now we are dating officially. He doesn't ignore me and is proud to have me around. So the guy yelled at me asking how could I do this to him and saying I'm trying to hurt him. He gave up on me and never even talked to me while his friend was busy cheering me up. What's his deal honestly? I dont understand why he is so pissed off. His friend or now my boyfriend is telling me that dating me is getting harder because of him and although he really likes me the guy is like his brother.


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  • gosh how can he remain friends with that other guy? i guess your bf doesn't really love you as well... otherwise he'd ut ties with the guy that hurt you in the past... ;-)


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