He told me he liked me, I told him "aww, I like you too" and he asked me to prove it?

Whaaat? Does this mean? How do I interpret this?


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  • Is this over text? Or face to face?

    Face to face, you kiss him even though he could do the same
    Texting, You say wait until the next time I see you... and you kiss him once again he could the same.

    • it was over Facebook

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    • So you don't think it was purely sexual?

    • When you're flirting, everything is sexual. He gave you control to prove it so set the limit.
      Simple as that, just because his biggest wish "might" be to see you naked doesn't mean that's what he implied.

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  • I guess he wanted you to do something to prove what you say. A kiss on the lips would have done just that.

  • just what he said...

    ask him "how to prove it?" in that case! :-)

    • I did!!! He was like, "you know..."

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