Shy guy or not interested? Why try to make me jealous and then get jealous when I do the same?

So, I am a portuguese girl living in the french speaking part of Switzerland (I'm saying this coz cultural background may have some influence, idk) and my house is attached to a restaurant owned by my stepfather, which means I spend a lot of time in the restaurant A few weeks ago I went to a party with some friends and there was this friend of them there. I had seen him once or twice before. We got both drunk and ended up making out. Just kissing, no sex. Two weeks later they all came here to have dinner and when this guy saw me he was very very very nervous and became clumsy. After dinner he left for a birthday party but before living he told my sister this "I was so drunk, she was so drunk... I don't regret anything but I just don't know what to do now". A few hours later he came back to the restaurant and he started teasing me slowly and that day he held my hand and stuff like that and he was even jealous of one of our friends that was flirting with me. I saw him again last Friday . Our friends usually come to the restaurant every Friday to hang out. But he has NEVER been here just to hang out. NEVER. He usually comes when there's a special ocasion (like the other two times). But NEVER like last week. We then went all to a party and talked a bit with me but as if he was affraid of talking to me. Saturday we had a party as well and I went with another of my sisters (this guy and my sister dated for 6 hours in primary school ahaha). And he started flirting with her. And later, he started flirting with pretty much every girl excpet me. I thought he was trying to make me jealous. Later, I was pissed off and I started doing the same. There's one of our friends that always jokingly says things like "Hey *my name*! Where are we going to sleep tonight" so I used him. I asked him to take me home coz my sister was leaving. The other guy was pissed off and even said something like "Aren't you going home with your boyfriend?" And like 10 min later he left.
Oh I forgot to mention that last Saturday before the party there was a dinner here and every time he saw me he was like "Hello *my name*" "What's up *my name*!" Like every single time he saw me. I thought he was starting to loose up a bit and maybe he was making a move that night but I was wrong...


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  • Yeah he was probably trying to make you jealous. You two need to talk things out otherwise there will be constant mind games.

    • How are we even going to talk? He seems so shy to me I doubt he will ever make a move. And as for me... I'm shy as well... I really don't know what to do now...

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    • Also, I'm afraid the only thing he wants is to get laid...

    • Yeah, he most definitely wouldn't be nervous or jealous around you if he wasn't into you.

      Let your attraction be known by the use of your body language. Glance at him. Smile at him when he looks at you. Walk past him and slightly touch him. Like you can touch him and say hi or just walk past him and have your shoulders touch.

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  • Oh he is interested. Yes he was trying to make you jealous but I think he was expecting a different effect from you rather than flirting with other guys as well. I have been in a situation so similar expect for the getting drunk and making out.

    • How did your situation to end? Did you two sort things out?

    • Oh and what kind of reaction from me was he expecting?

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