Would a guy be rude to a girl he DID like?

Or does it usually mean he doesn't like her?


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  • As old as time itself, boy with crush can't express himself so acts mean.

    • No he is rude, not teasing me.

      For example, he used to give me these dirty looks whenever he'd see me not talking to anyone.

      I hated him so much for it

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    • Interestingly enough, he's showing remorse now, which I don't know how to interpret. He could've been my friend when I needed one, now I don't need one so I don't know why he wants to talk

    • It seems like he is sorry for the way he behaved towards you. Don't really know if that means he could like you or not.

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  • Rude as in how?
    If you mean rude as in "he makes fun of me harshly" or he makes fun of something that I have trouble with/can't control (i. e.; weight, disorders, et cetera) then he's just being... well.. pretty much a bully.
    There's also the possibility, though, that he's just trying to tease you lightly/flirtatiously, but doesn't realize it's coming off as rude.
    But, then again, there's also the chance that he's just blunt and doesn't realize that what he's saying is rude.
    It's hard to say for sure without examples or having been there your/myself to hear the tone he had. (Tones are fairly crucial, in my opinion.)


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  • Typically if he is shy he'll go for the ignoring act to look cool but if he is extremely shy its possible he could make jokes about the girl to his friends for a couple reasons:
    -to make his friends laugh
    -to keep them from knowing about his crush
    -to get the girl's attention
    Note: Doesn't matter if its good or bad attention just having the focus can be good enough. Hence why some guys mess with girls and do annoying things. No guarantess since everyone is different.

  • I used to be like when I was in highschool... not anymore but I guess some guys are still like that, my guess would be ya he likes you because I didn't like a girl, I would even think of her nevertheless say anything rude

  • I definitely act rude, not trying to be mean, but trying to be playful

    • No genuinely rude, as in hurtfully.

      The equivalent of almost ignoring that person, or being indifferent towards them.

    • yeah then no

What Girls Said 1

  • that means he doesn't like her


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