Why would his friend ask where I've been and where his girlfriend is?

* so I like this guy who I work with and I've known him for a good 4 years now started off as friends.
* a couple years ago he had said there was a connection with him and I.
* at work people will always ask if were dating but obviously were not.
* he looks at me a lot where my friends have noticed it and so have coworkers where they will literally tell me that he's looking at me
* my friends have asked him and he likes me because he acts like he does and flirts with me more than anyone else but his answer to them was " I never thought Of her like that"
* so then why would he say there was a connection between us.. Makes no sense!
* me and him had a talk the one night and he was like " so someone that you know one of my good friends that is a bartender keeps coming up to me and asking where you've been and where my girlfriend is"
* I didn't know what he was trying to say or if it meant anything at all so I changed the subject


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  • Maybe he thought you killed her.

    And judging by your schizophrenic profile name, I'd be wondering that too... Hmm.


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