Help! Does my boss dislike me? Is he biased toward my coworker? Is he trying to get me to quit? what's the deal?

So my company and branch are made up of younger professionals. The account manager (my boss) is 26. Ever since he replaced my old boss and came to my office we seemed to have gotten off on the wrong foot. My friend and my new boss started the same week. My new boss and I worked together in another office and we got along just fine besides him occasionally and blatantly staring at me while we worked which I thought was weird. When he replaced my old boss he was always short and snapped at me for no real reason. It took a while before he caught himself and started apologizing. He was pretty much silent with my friend and gave me all the attention albeit mostly negative attention but he occasionally teased me playfully. Well we were much better after about two months later but he became buddies with my coworker (friend) and it was almost like I was invisible, he gave all his attention and praise to her. I don't really care but I do want to be treated like I'm valuable and an equal. My bosses attitude has gotten bad again and weird towards me like reprimanding me over something absolutely ridiculous in front of everyone and praising my other coworker for work I achieved yet he'll stare at me when he comes out of his office and will stand there watching me work like he's intrigued or curious and when we leave the office he seems more sincere and actually watches me leave. He's always lenient with my coworker, if I made her mistakes he would seriously and harshly get onto me. What is going on? Insight would be useful, I'm at my breaking point and I'm looking for other opportunities because I just don't feel valued and I'm tired of always getting the brunt of his frustrations. Thanks in advance! :)


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  • Well it could be anything really. He could in fact actually like you, but a more down to earth possibility is that he's a douchebag, plain and simple. If I were you I would try to avoid any and all interaction whenever possible. I would also be more assertive in demanding that my work be acknowledged as well but that is up entirely to you depending on your position in the company. If you really need the job and are afraid to "make waves" just tiptoe your way around there until other opportunities arise, and if not... stand up for yourself, but not in an aggressive manner, just calmly and politely point out your achievements as well.


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