Guys, if a girl you liked acted like this with another girl, what would you do?

Say you have a crush on a girl but you don't know her super well and always see her doing these things with her female friend:

Touching her a lot
Happen to always be around each other whenever you're around
Very affectionate (lots of hugging and rubbing each other and stuff)
Always joking or having deep conversations, etc.

Would you think she was a lesbian/not interested in you? or how would you react in general?
  • I would move on because I think she's a lesbian/bisexual (and I don't like bisexual women)
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  • I would think nothing of it because a lot of girls act like that and would still have a crush on her
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  • I would still have a crush on her but probably not say anything because I think she won't like me back
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  • I just want to see the results
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  • Men and women have their own way of communicating with their peers.


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