Does a guy know when he is making a girl feel worthless?

And do they know when a girl feels worthless? This guy made me feel so worthless last year I had/have 0 confidence around him. I let him curse at me he was mean to me. I let him talk at me. Like not even to me. He talks at me. I just don't understand why he would keep doing it when I don't even say anything back to him, Ok maybe I say something but its like in a different tone of voice its like a low voice. But overall I don't say anything. Like does he know the way he is making me feel? I don't see him around school that much. But I'm just curious like does he know?
If a girl isn't saying anything when you don't treat her very nice and or talk to her to a nice way, why would you continue? Please answer my questions ):


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  • I'd say a lot of guys that do this are just going with what works and aren't really aware of it. They see positive results of acting a little shitty, so they think it's the norm and continue with it.

    I, on the other hand, would actually have to work to piss around with a girl because I'm aware it's the only way she's actually gonna maintain interest. I don't like doing it because it makes me feel bad, but it's either that or have her hate me for being "too nice" or whatever the fuck.

    • Thank you! But what did you mean by positive resultes like what for an example?

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  • You might as well tell him how you feel. Guys can't read minds. I'm sure it's not his intentions to make you feel like crap. But he doesn't know that he's doing anything wrong because you're still around.

    • So you would let a guy cuss you out?

    • You stuck around for that cursing. Obviously if you didn't, he would have gotten the message that you weren't up for it.

    • uh makes sense I guess ):

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  • Sorry to hear. That guy's a jerk ass douche.


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  • They do, they just don't care


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