Help mixed signals! Why does this guy invite me to places a lot?

Why does this guy try to spend a lot of time with me? He has a girlfriend but its almost like he has some sort of a fascination about me or something? And keeps asking how my relationship is going etc?
Why would he do that if his already in a relationship himself?
Very confused!!


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  • Is he a close friend? If he is he could just be caring or have feelings for you. If he isn't he probably likes you but I suggest laying off because he has a gf

    • Were friends but not close friends! I have not and will not make any moves but im very confused about why so much attention to me.
      He is great but not sure why he is really great towards me! Very confused!!!
      Why he shows interest in my life so much can't understand! Especially when one of his friends have said he is very into his girlfriend but still behaves the way he does around me.

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