If you kept ignoring someone's messages will they backbite about you?

I keep ignoring this guys messages because he's a jerk.

The last time he called my name out loud in front of everyone and I ignored him.

Hea still messaging me, (he is gay so it's not like he likes me).

Why is he doing this? Can he not take a hint?


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  • He's just being an idiot to annoy you... no biggie.. . guys do this stuff all the time to annoy girls... i've had it several times from guys over the years, i'm also turned on by guys who are jerks like this with his friends and around other people who try to make me look like i'm a bad person just to seem big, he needs to grow up more.

    • He's gay lol

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    • I caught him staring at my legs once it was so weird!!!

    • Yeh... that's the whole part of it to weird you out lol they love doing that

  • He's turned straight and he likes you but he is a jerk and he doesn't know how to talk to girls properly. Don't bother about him. As long as he's acting likes a jerk IGNORE him. He doesn't deserve your attention.

    • I doubt it he's gay lol we got into a misunderstanding at university, now I think he realizes I don't like him.

      His messages are so suck uppy, they are professional but still suck uuppy

    • Just ignore them if you don't feel like replying. You have no obligation at all to respond if you don't want to. And. What can he do to you?

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