Woukd a guy be hurt if you didn't wish him on his birthday?

Or is that mainly a girl thing because a girl WOULD most certainly care.

Also why wouldn't he wish his girlfriend on Facebook
Woukd he? Lol


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  • You're question is a bit vague, when you say guy do you mean a guy you know or a boyfriend?

    If it's a boyfriend I think perhaps he might be a bit upset, someone you know I guess it would depend again on how well you know them and how close you are to them.

    But I think this is based more on the individual rather than gender. It could even be based on age, younger people really like to make an issue of their birthday's

    The older you get generally the less important this becomes. I for one couldn't care less anymore about my birthday or the fact person X, Y, Z wishes my a happy birthday, and I know many women who are the same.

    I don't particualry like social networking sites like Facebook, but It does have birthday reminders in there and probably why he would wish Happy Birthday on there as it prompted him to it.

    • He's an acquaintance, but he seems to have a bit of a crush on me

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