Why was he "wrong" to tell her this?

Guy never really said yes to going to a dance with his girl "friend", even though we know he likes her and we know she likes him but they play it off as they don't. Guys make fun of him for ALWAYS being with her, so he says "I'm going to go go the dance with the guys because I'm tired of always being with you". She says "I'll go with the girls then". What's so wrong with what he told her? Is it really that bad?


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  • yes. yes it is. because it they really like eachother they shouldve stayed together and if he gave into peer pressure and left the girl he "likes" he must not like her very much and he is a joke now... much more than he was before. He let someone else dictate to him what he could or couldnt have in his life because they were able to make him feel uncomfortable about it, that is a copout. Knowing she liked him back and still making that decision is ridiculous. I hope she finds someone better. If I was her I would cross him off my short list.

    • lol, wowwwwww

    • sorry it seemed like a rant but He (you?) did the wrong thing.. he should try to fix this ASAP. but hey if she is a passive girl she may not be thinking any of these things.

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