Why is he acting weird towards me now? - Looking at me not speaking?

There's this guy who's a big flirt and he used to always say something to me and call out to me regardless if I see him first or not and he does that light touching type of flirting.

Then for the past month or so he stopped doing that and took to just staring at me. I was always friendly and laughed now we do this awkward stare at each other thing. I usually just look away first and he rarely says anything anymore. He stopped the flirty touches and call out and now, does weird things like speeds up to walk in front of me when he sees me - like he wants me to speak first or walks directly in my path? Why? We've talked before it's not a big deal. I've said hi first also it isn't rare.


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  • It could mean two things:
    1) He's over you
    2) he's tired of him flirting all the time and you not responding.

    I'd say it's #2 since he's still trying to get some kind of reaction from you.

    • I didn't know I was supposed to take his actions seriously?
      I thought guys who were flirty tend to joke like that with any girl that's half-way decent.

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  • Maybe he found someone he's interested in, or recently got into a relationship.

    • He could've got into a relationship and doesn't want to offend this mystery significant other, I could see that. But yeah, I wouldn't know since we don't talk on a personal level really.

      I didn't think he was interested in me in the first place.

    • Then just don't stress it. If he was, he'll come back around.

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  • Do you know such psyhological pfenomen. If he acts flirty, inside he might be insecure or he just hate people when he have to only invest. Why didn't you respond? What do you know about him?

    Anyway I am not going to flirt and spend so much time either to just sit and smile at you and entertain you.


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