Safe to say he never going call?

So it's been four days since I dropped him off , he was suppose to call me that night when I got off work.. Haven't heard from him yet. I reached out to family and friends of his and still no call from him. What's really bothering me is I don't know what happen? We was fine before I dropped him off. I just feel it's safe to say we over but I would expect him to a least call and tell me what's up? Like how can guys be so cold hearted? I feel as though I deserve and explanation for his actions.


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  • Being cold hearted isn't gender specific, it's an individual trait. Even women can be cold hearted.

    Having said that, it looks like this guy was just messing with you, and is now too chicken to call you and let you know. Just let go of him.

    • Yes I i agree , it still just bothering me because it's not like we just met. We been dealing with each other for 2 years now. this a man that before he got out the car said I love you , I responded back. I could see if it was a month or weeks we known each other but this behavior from a man that I slept with , showered with. Layer with talk about everything too has me mind boggled. But thanks for your feed back

    • I agree with the chicken part to. Speaks a lot that he not a real man. Cuz a real man wouldn't act this way!!

  • i guess he totally lost interst about you then

    • After two years of dealing with each other if it was that easy he never was interested in me. But you right !

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