Why did he say he's too scared to initiate contact with me?

I've been talking with this guy for a while, and I'm always the one to text him first. He always texts me back, keeps the conversation going, calls me sweetie and babe and stuff... but I still don't understand if he's actually interested.

Last night we snapchatted and our conversation looked like this:
Me: "if you don't like McDonald's I will block you.."
Him: "you're so mean"
Me: "eh wouldn't really make a difference, you never initiate contact anyway"
Him: "I'm too scared to :/"

He have said this several times, and I know from mutual friends that he is kinda shy. Do you think I should keep texting him first or is this his way of telling me he's not interested? He did say a couple of weeks ago that I could call him if I wanted to meet up but I'm too scared to do that...


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  • Shy person to another, it's not hard to figure out why he acts the way he does.

    Personally speaking, anyone could be a could text-er. I'd say most people are average at best while there are those outspoken people who could text "interestingly". Well, usually for shy people, what they want to say is always bottled up.

    I know couldn't repeat what I am currently typing to another person face to face for the life of me. That's why the internet, or hiding behind a screen in general, is such a great outlet for such people, for better or for worse.

    It's one thing to type what you think and how you feel into a chatbox, and a complete another thing to say it verbally while keeping your calm and confidence in check.

    Also for shy people, they would rather not initiate contact first since they feel self-conscious about what the other person would think and would always have the worst case scenario in mind.

    Sorry if I did a generalization.


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  • Well you said he is shy. You could entice him to man up - not only will that help you but he himself will feel better in the long run if he gains some extra courage.

  • Who cares? He's a pussy.


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