What's Does He Mean When He Ask Me This?

So long story short. This guy and I been knowing each other for almost a year now and a few month's yay :). And my idea wasn't to sleep with him, but it happen. I guess you can say we're friends with benefits ugh sex does change every thing. I do have feelings for him but I don't let that show when him and I are getting busy. And I think he likes me as well, but more then likely I know he finds me and my body attractive. Anyways it's only been three different times we been sexually involve with one another. I try not to allow myself to get to attach to him so I don't have sex with him as much. But just on Monday when we last talk, and saw one another and hooked up. He always askes me... how was his sex. I thought maybe he was just asking because he was curious about how I felt when we do it. Also I feel maybe he feels like he's not taking care of my needs or pleasing me all the way. Or maybe he feels that he may not know what he is doing so he wants to make sure he is doing me right and it feels good to me I don't know. And also why would a guy lay there on top of you with his stuff inside of you still. He says he didn't want to take it out, is that a good thing or bad and why would he ask me do I think his sex is good? Thanks


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  • he is using you to boost his flex/swag/ego

    • Well I don't know about to him boosting his ego or flex or swag lol. But yes the using me yes I agree but we use each other. I just wanted to know why he asked me if his sex is good lol.

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