What does this message say about him?

"Well let's see what I can think of. I like house electro music. Dislike country rave and rock music. I like sushi Arabic Italian indian foods.
I don't like things sooo extravagant I'm more humble but I do like expensive clothes and cars lol I like to dress nice. When it comes to people Iike someon
e that would Take their time to understand me. Not stubborn easy going. Someone that fears God and understands why we r here. Like elegance a lot and a
Lol u ll know more as we go
good smell. I like feminine respectful girls. Don't like party animals."

*FYI engligh is not his native language
*What does he mean that he wants someone that fears god?
*Why would he say "you'll know more as we go"?


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  • Well if you don't believe in God why would you fear him? he's obviously religious

    • Agreed. What sort of got me confused was him saying "You'll know more as we go". What did he mean?

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    • Lol okay. Think about it.

    • ok. THANK YOU. :)

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  • "Fear of God" is a biblical term that really just means believes in and lives his life as God would want you to. It doesn't mean you hide under the bed shaking at the sound of His name. Basically, he is religious.

    You'll know more as we go means he wants you to figure him out in person rather than over email or text message!

    • Wait... know me? As friends i'd assume right?

  • uh-oh... sounds like a religious guy... better avoid :-/

    • oh, I asked something similar previous regarding his previous message he had sent. everyone agreed that he came off as pushy. how can this not work out in the long run?

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  • He's probably very religious and just wants people to understand how much power God has. He also means you'll understand more about his religious side as u guys get to know each other


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