Why'd he behave like this? It kind of hurt me?

So I saw this guy who I don't know too well, he had been a reference on one of my applications for something.

I didn't get the thing I put his name down for, but I got over it.

I saw him today after a long time, and he saw me, but was about to leave, I anyways narrowed my eyes and said hello, asking how he was doing and stuff.

Something I noticed is throughout the time he didn't smile, or look remotely pleased to see me. He was even shrugging it off saying yeah I'm pretty busy blah blah. Then he was like, oh are you okay, and I was like... yeah?

So I was like... okay well I got to go meet someone, and left him there.

Why'd he do that? Is he judging me for not getting that opportunity I put his name down for, or is there some kind of personal grudge here?

He's not normally an impolite guy so I don't get it.

The only thing i could think of is maybe someone badmouthed me or something.


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What Guys Said 1

  • i guess he's just not interested in you then...

    • No no I am not interested in him either, it was never like that between us, but I thought we were acquaintances/maybe friends. I don't understand why he was being standoffish

What Girls Said 1

  • Personal grudge I guess

    • I wonder if he thinks I'm not smart or something for getting it.

      We're all University students

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