How to know if a guy is a virgin?

ok so I am in love with this nerdy dude in my college. we have been friends for a long time ago, and it was about a year ago when he first kissed me. But the thing is I am a 22 years old virgin and he says that he is a virgin as well ( he's 25 ). He also says that I was the only girl he kissed . Now you should know that he is very very nerdy ( I'm talking the dude builds furniture from scratch in his free time ) but I really really really really love him, he bewitched me...... I just love him. I want to lose my virginty to a virgin man. I don't want my man to be experienced, because I am attending to have only one partner.
so how to tell if he is not lying to me?!
YES!! he is a virgin
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How to know if a guy is a virgin?
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