Why did he call me??

so me and my ex went out for 11 months and so we went on break before our break up the reason why we went on break was because he was having feelings for his ex and so one night he called and said he was sorry and wanted me back and then I took him back. but 2 weeks went by and he wasn't as close to me and he would hang out with this girl I don't like and he was just not the same person. so I asked him to stop hanging out wit her and he just were talking and we decided to go on break and then I called him to tell him I want him back and he said he wants to stay on break. I was stupid and kept sending him emails and calls saying we could work it out and I'm sorry and then he later told me after 2 weeks he wants to break up he never told me why though and when he broke up wit me he was smiling in a nervous way? so then I took it but I was still stupid and sent him messages and calls. so then I realized that what I was doing was stupid and so I stopped talking to him or anything he is just out of my life. its been like a month and he called me out of no where last week at night I wasn't by my phone to answer, but he only called once. and in class he is normally staring at me and when I look in that direction he looks away.. but why did he call?


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  • He's still interested


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