If you're a PLAYER (guy OR girl), why do you do it? I'm curious.

i mean, many of us have been labeled it. I'm just wondering on your philosophy on the dating scene.

1. is it because you don't trust the opposite gender anymore, and because of this low trust you are able to handle emotions easier?

2. you see it as a sport ... with benefits. to hunt down hard to get prey so you can nail em and claim em.

3. just at the right age, with the right looks, you live life once.

4. been hurt in the past, thus player is almost like your defense mechanism. you use them up before they even have a time to react.

5. over the complications of having relationships. as they are so clear cut and defined that you can't even be bothered anymore. easier to just play and root. minimal emotions = greater pleasure.


i fall under many of these categories, but I'd really like to see why others like me are doing what they are doing. I guess it is a big ask to let your emotions run a lil, but this is online and no one can see who you really are. so cut me some slack and gimme some details.
If you're a PLAYER (guy OR girl), why do you do it? I'm curious.
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