I feel like I'm walking on eggshells...

My boyfriend gets upset easily over every detail, over the tiniest things that I do wrong. OK, so we have had our issues, mainly because he has issues with my past, and because I once lied about my past (out of fear, I KNOW I KNOW, that was bad and a huge mistake). But all that was like 2 and a half years ago, and it seems to only get worse. He's so intolerant of the tiniest mistakes, like if I arrive 5 minutes late, he'll flip. If I say a joke that he doesn't consider funny, he'll flip, etc.

Today we were together, checking our band's Facebook, and there were some of those random people Facebook suggests to add as friends on the main page. One of them was one of those "hot chicks", you know, skinny, fake blonde, with huge boobs showing off. He pointed her out. And I was like "I HATE skanky Facebook girls, like I cared how big their t*ts are!". And he got upset. Somehow he took it like I was attacking him, going on and on about my insecurities again, when all I stated was I hated those skanky girls. I never implied anything about him. But oh, no, he took it as if I had started again with my insecurities, and bashing him and that he was sick of it (meanwhile, I'm sick of his insecurity regarding my past but NO, I can't brush that subject off with "I'm sick of your insecurities).

He knows I'm insecure so why does point out a hot chick anyway? That's dumb. And it sucks that I can't go for him for emotional support. I've been feeling very down about my body lately, and all I want is for him to reassure me a bit. I wasn't nagging him about checking out hot chicks or anything. It was nothing personal against him. It HURTS that he can talk all he wants about my past, nagging, complaining, asking me to understand him, asking me the same 1000 questions he's already asked, looking for reassurance... yet if it comes to my body? Forget it, I either take it or leave it.

I hate this feeling, now he turned off his cell phone and I'm sure tomorrow he'll go on and on about how I always ruin things with my insecurity, that he's sick of me and that maybe we should break up. Why are some guys so hard to please? Now on top of it I feel ugly (since the other day his eyes got fixed on the screen while some busty naked girls were dancing around and I was sitting RIGHT NEXT TO HIM! And now this... pointing out hot chicks... and kind of getting offended 'cause I insulted them - like he was defending them or something... and that's how he expects me to get over my body insecurities? Please...)


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  • That sounds like a pretty abusive situation...

    You should leave him while you still have some dignity. You get into relationships with people who make you feel beautiful and have the ability to make you feel like you're worth it. If he's not taking your insecurites into consideration and being sensitive about it, you SHOULD have some serious issues with him.

    On top of that, he sounds sort of controlling. You mentioned that he gets angry when you're late to meet with him?... Hmm. That doesn't sound really healthy.

    Find someone who makes you feel beautiful.


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  • if you don't like this then just break up with him?


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  • If he doesn't give you what you need (ie.. peace of mind, sense of body security)...then break up with him...You are in a very unhealthy relationship, this is emotional and mental abuse, find a guy who appreciates you for who you are now and loves every inch of you the way you are...dump this fool