Guys, WTF is going on? He gets erections but never acts on them.

There's this guy that I work with. I always found him attractive and he has all the quality of my Mr. Perfect. My coworker told him that I liked him and he grinned and said that he likes me too cause we have a lot in common, from how we grew up to family and everything else which is insane. We decided to hang out with each other one day after work and everything was perfect. Before he left he even kissed me first. It was sweet , romantic and slow just like in the movies. We saw each other for 2 weeks straight and one night things got heated we almost had sex but it didn't happen. After that he seemed distant , so I confronted him , and he said he thought I was falling for him so he couldn't keep talking to me cause we aren't on the same page. But honestly I was still going on dates with other men and stuff so that was not the case. We made up and he kissed me more passionately than the first time but romantic with care. Ever since then we've gotten closer and been kissing and touching a lot more than before and he acts like he wants to be in a relationship with me but when I ask him he says that he's not looking for a relationship. If that is the case then why is he always acting extremely sweet and romantic and has never had sex with me even though he gets erections but never acts on them , he just kisses and caresses me for long periods of time? I'm confused. I don't know what he wants. Someone help
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If he was shy , why would he make the first move
Guys, WTF is going on? He gets erections but never acts on them.
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